Terms & Conditions

Bookings Terms and Conditions


1. A Desk User is a person who has made a valid and completed booking for a desk via the booking page on the Owner’s website (the “Hot Desk At The Square (HDATS) Booking Page”).

2. The Desk User is entitled to use, by way of a non-exclusive licence:

a) the Desk whose identifying number the Desk User has booked via the HDATS Booking Page; and
b) together with all other Desk Users at that time entitled to use such a desk, the rooms at, and the yard behind, 17A, Northumberland Square, North Shields, NE30 1PX (the “Office”).

3. The term of the non-exclusive licence shall be the 30 day, 60 day or 90 day period, as the case may be, that the Desk User has agreed to via the HDATS Booking Page. That period shall commence on the date specified by the Desk User on the HATS Booking Page PROVIDED THAT the Desk User has also, on the date of making the booking, paid (a) the relevant licence fee, and (b) the deposit for the security key to the front door, in each case via the HDATS Booking Page.

4. Without prejudice to the rights of the Desk User, the Owner has the right at all times to the use of the Office.

5. The licence includes

a) all relevant business rates;
b) the electricity, gas, water and broadband costs in the Office;
c) the maintenance of the Office.

6. The Desk User agrees:

a) to observe the rules of the Office, as published on the Owner’s website and as displayed on the wall of the Office;
b) to ensure that the two exit doors are generally kept shut and locked, except when in use;
c) where the Desk User is the last to leave the Office, to turn off the lights;
d) immediately on the expiry of the period of his/her licence period,
(i) to vacate the booked desk and the Office and take away all his/her personal effects and rubbish;
(ii) to return to the Owner, via the security key return box, the security key.
e) to indemnify on demand the Owner for all costs arising from damage and liabilities caused by the Desk User;
f) if the Desk User fails to return the security key in accordance with paragraph 6 (d) above, to pay to the Owner £10 per day for each day that the security key has not been returned and, if it becomes necessary, reimburse to the Owner the cost of replacing the lock and acquiring new security keys.

7. The Desk User will not:

a) install in the Office any furniture without the prior written approval of the Owner;
b) alter the Office, its partitioning or any fixtures or fittings;
c) damage any of the decorations, fixtures and fittings or other equipment in the Office;
d) use the Office in any way that results in annoyance or disturbance to other Desk Users using the Office or any tenant in 17, Northumberland Square;
e) bring any animals or pets of any kind into the Office;
f) affix or display anything in the windows or doorways of the Office without consent in writing from the Owner;
g) use the landline telephone in the Office.

8. The Owner will:

a) provide to the Desk User a security key to the front door, provided that the Desk User has paid the deposit for a security key on the HDATS Booking Page;
b) provide a chair, desk, desk drawers and a desk lamp;
c) provide access to broadband;
d) keep the sanitary facilities in the Office in working order and properly cleaned and equipped;
e) keep the Office adequately lit and heated;
f) maintain and renew the fire fighting equipment in the Office;
g) not be under any liability for failure to have any of the facilities available to the Desk User if for any temporary reason the Desk User will be unable to obtain access to the Office;
h) not be liable to pay any compensation as a result of any failure of data security or computer systems or as a result of the Owner failing to provide any of the services in accordance with this licence as a result of any breakdown or strike;
i) have the right at any time to enter the Office to inspect it, to provide services, to make repairs and alterations and to show the Office to prospective Desk Users.

9. General

a) This licence is personal to the Desk User and is not assignable.
b) All electrical items brought into the Office should be in good working order.
c) This licence will be interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.
d) This licence creates no rights in any third parties to enforce its terms pursuant to Section 1 of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.
e) The Owner may, by notice to the Desk User in writing, terminate this licence in the event of any contravention by the Desk User of any term of this licence.
f) This licence does not and is not intended to create or grant to the Desk User any estate or interest in the equipment in the Office or the Office or to bring about the relationship of landlord and tenant between the Owner and the Desk User.